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Types of negligence claim

GoodLaw Solicitors LLP have a wealth of experience dealing with medical negligence claims. Here are some examples of the types of claims we have worked on:

General practitioner failing to recognise serious symptoms of a blockage in the lung leading to pulmonary embolism and death.

Ambulance crew failing to recognise symptoms of a brain haemorrhage and then failing to take the patient to hospital leading to further haemorrhage and death.

Neurosurgeons failing to recognise symptoms of hydrocephalus (often referred to as ‘water on the brain’) in a post-operative patient, leading to brain swelling and death.

General practitioner failing to examine a male patient’s testicles correctly and thus failing to recognise a potential tumour (cancer) which spread necessitating surgery to remove lymph nodes.

Colorectal surgeons failing to undertake a planned routine operation in favour of a more complex procedure which then became complicated and led to the client losing their bowel. The client must now live with a colostomy bag and this could have been avoided.

Accident and emergency staff failing to review an x-ray of the wrist correctly, leading to a failure in diagnosing a fracture of the small scaphoid bone in the client’s wrist.

We draw on years of experience

As you can see, each case is different and has its own complexities. At GoodLaw Solicitors, we draw on years of experience and a network of medical experts, rehabilitation experts, barristers and patient organisations to ensure that we offer you, the client, the best possible service. We are based in Hove and our services cover all the surrounding areas.

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